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exec206 reviewed (425)919-2481


My favorite Washington entertainer by far. Real photos good attitude and gorgeous from head to toe. Lots of class, but still playful and fun. Will drink and smoke marijuana with clients if properly sealed when she arrives. Also a cat and dog lover like me. So she didn't mind my mutts welcoming her on the house. I put them away so as not to disturb us shortly after however we had a few drinks and then headed to the bedroom after about 20/30 mins of great conversation and flirting in my living room. She did all the stuff my ex wife wouldnt do and kept it fun with lingerie and her dildo toy. I see her in the summer months and sometimes spring. Its been over three visits and I'm hooked. She's a great masseuse as well as talented in sexual play. Try her I guarantee you'll be hooked like I am. Lol


mightyguy reviewed (425)919-2481


I just saw Mariah yesterday. She actually agreed to drive over a hour and half in traffic to see me which was so nice and a change from having to drive to my last girl's location. She came alone and called when traffic had gotten her a little behind schedule. I to lol her no biggie come see me anyways. I totally understood with my own commute driving me insane daily. She had mixed drinks with me and put on something sexy. We mingled and u showed her my new home I just decorated. She told me of this ocean 10 fellow who just posted and how he was in a filthy home with poor hygiene and a bad attitude. The poor girl called him in advance about the traffic and he told her to come by yet he was rude when she came in his home. She said he also lied on the review a bit how much time she spent sith him and I gladly volunteered to post for her if I had a good time (which I was already having to be quite honest. The massage was over thirty minutes both sides and did oral too...


socean10 reviewed (425)919-2481


Mariah was real friendly when she pulled up I am guessing to make amends for being an hour late but so be it..I booked for 2 hours....my thought was we had the hour tacked on due to he being an hour late. We were getting off to a slow start with something to drink and a shared a puff on the pipe. She tells me to strip and I lay backside up on the bed,now about 10 minutes in,she spends about 5 minutes on my back and tells me to turn over and starts yanking on me 5 minutes later I get off and she starts looking for her clothes in the living room, she then heads to the bathroom and puts her clothes on and starts to head out the door. I mentioned we still had an hour and a half,her response was it's just a massage and it's "up to two hours"...' i got you off you should be ok now" and she leaves. I could have have more for less at an AMP including full service for 100 less albeit you would have to drive there....but for the money and the wasted hour I would suggest that instead.


RedIvy reviewed 720) 634-6407


Absolutely loved her she's quite the talker but her soggy style made up for it


Gfejaden reviewed 907-205-1359


Omg! Hands and Pants down. THE BEST one I've ever seen. She made me feel so comfortable and Gave my the very best sloppy head session that I have ever had. After a few text, I met with her at her Fife incall. She was so friendly that I almost forgot that I had shown up with intentions of fucking her brains out. Well shit, she blew me down so good that I couldn't hold back my nut for the life of me. I WOULD Recommend her to anyone.



SuperMouse reviewed 5097760311 (TEXT ONLY)


Estella is magnificent. She has a vibrant personality, sexy body, and such a gorgeous physique. If you are looking for the best night of your life, this is a wonan you do not want to miss. Thank you for the memories, darling. Xoxo


bigspendrrrr206 reviewed 4259192481


Fully shaved and huge real breasts. Great body

Gorgeous in person. Real photos swcy and polite. Drives herself. I had a really nice time with her


Kylie_fierce reviewed 206-258-1349


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East7 reviewed 907-205-1359


Saw her tonight and did not have a good experience. First everything was done on the couch since the bed was unavailable. She asked for me to pick up condoms, which I did. Eventually got started on the couch, only seemed interested in doggy after ~10 minutes I noticed the condom broke and told her about it. She had applied the condom. The condom breaking caused her to get worried and "no longer in the mood". Then moving on to talking about plan b since it seems she's not on birth control and was worried about pre-cum (I didn't finish) and pregnancy. Given the short session and her unwillingness to continue I asked for some of the donation back and was refused. I do not recommend seeing her.


tzuser1984 reviewed 720) 634-6407


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