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blinklz reviewed NaylaNuru (775-525-1782), Reno

Just saw Nayla at her incall location for an afternoon VIP session and WOW! Full disclosure: I go nuts for brown eyes and pretty smiles, and she's got those in spades. If you're more interested in the southern hemisphere you won't be disappointed, she's very curvy with an extremely squeezable rear and the rack of an angel.
Her incall is located in an apartment complex and she works hard to make it inviting and comfortable. Beyond that she is friendly and talkative. Between her personality and her massage skills, I was incredibly relaxed from beginning to end. She will surely keep me coming again and again, if you catch my drift... :P



blinklz reviewed, Las Vegas

Previous glowing reviews are from shill accounts, I think that alone merits a negative review. No previous postings--how did this ad get MSB verified?



blinklz reviewed 775-443-8096, Reno

Fake pics