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Gordy reviewed 613-909-9537


Great Girl, Great location! She is sweet and beautiful with lots on the menu. Defiantly REPEAT!!!


WhereIRoam reviewed 613-854-4004


Good looking. 5 star exp. Great service. Real pics.


itsdbrown reviewed 416-708-7915


Liyah is definitely my new addiction..... She is very, and has great hygiene. Fully waxed, clean clear skin! She smells beautiful!! She is very different from these other girls.... she's no drug addict, shes focused and saving for College, very goal oriented. I really like this girl!!!! You guys need to meet her and omg her ass is amazing... ask her to jiggle it for you... so hot


Notimetowaste reviewed 613-282-5806


I don't know what to call her because she goes by many different names, and also posts different adds with fake pictures and different numbers. Beware of her fake ads!!



Gordy reviewed 613-282-5806


I recently contacted Honey and requested an appointment, I arrived and she greeted me with a smile. When we got to the bedroom she made me feel very awkward because she did nothing she agreed to do when I contacted her. She was very rude and not to mention the place was a dump. Don't waste your time on this 1!


Patrick2525 reviewed 613-604-3730


Exceptional lady, no other words!


anonymous7000 reviewed 613-417-2102


She use to go has Athena. Saw her a couple weeks a go,she was so high on drugs i just left.
She is not has beautiful she use to be.So much lost weight its awful.
I will nwver go back.


markjohn reviewed 613-701-7706


This provider has fake pics not the same girl at all. I paid for 2 hrs of service for $350. & got about 15 min. And she couldn't get me hard so she gave up and told me I could stay in the room if I wanted to but couldn't do anymore. And so she gave me $50. Back . I could probably get better service from a hooker I have more respect for a hooker.


Oliv reviewed 343-262-6486


Very good in all aspects, very beautiful, I highly recommend her.


nick.nick reviewed 343-883-5167


Nice personality but don't waste your time with this SP.

Pictures posted are of her younger self - she doesn't look like that anymore. She will short change you on the time and on services offered.