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indulge touch reviewed see picture


contact number is two five three eight eight eight nine four two four


TahoeSnow reviewed 7753782451


Glad you enjoyed yourself.


MagikalKnight reviewed 775-7735-884


I contacted Jade a few times she never responds and I waited for her to come to Carson City based on another one of her ads recently. That is just bad business period even if you are busy or whatever the case is if you want good reviews you wont get them by being unfriendly or rude. Sadly she lost big I gave my 1000 dollars to another provider here who was more diligent at getting back to me and was more responsive. Based on some of the bad reviews about Jade I am very glad that I went with someone else. You might get lucky when texting or emailing her but its highly unlikely you need to be careful with this one do your homework. There are hookers and their are classy upscale women who take pride in developing good ongoing repeat business.


Cheyanmeoxox reviewed 7753782451


My time with Cheyanne was wonderful. She is thick, and one of the best BBW experiences I have had. Her breasts are full, and who could possibly forget those nipple rings? She likes to be taken control over, and I love it! I will definitely be back!



mattinrenonv reviewed 7752769064


Banged this girl again. Better than before. Tall, slim and a perfect shade of pink!


great horny toads reviewed 775-221-4174

2017-08-15!/reno/reviews/4087130301/23200908 yeah this one is owned ... please stay away you have one review on yolo reno escort link above and now this and now mine was trying to hook up but she just screwed around she finally gave me a incall addy and time i got there 15 mins early told her i was early it took 9 mins to reply then i got the room number since i read the bad review above i thought it would be a lie or some one got pissy at someone...i told her i had to go to the store...she said hurry...i didnt half hour later i went to her door knocked on it and sure enough two guys were in the room with her. I looked around a bit seen more bags and luggage for just one i looked up at this guy and started to speak russian...and then english...and i walked away...these girl is a liar and a fake... please stay away...



Blazers09 reviewed 7754534690


Sublime; adj/verb -- producing an overwhelming sense of awe; show of great excellence or beauty; unparalleled.
As here profile intro states, Olivia gives "sublime" companionship. She makes an unbelievable impression in a short time, one I will not forget for a very long time to come. She is gorgeous & sexy as hell! Liv is a true beauty inside & out.


NativeNevaden reviewed 7754534690


This review is over due. Olivia is pure magic. She makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. Her conversational skills will make you feel at ease before she takes you on a fantastic adventure. Her beauty is hypnotic. I wish I could have her to myself. Treat her right and she will have you coming back for more.


mattinrenonv reviewed 510-277-4035


F*uck Yea! Super foxy. I couldn't get enough. Fun, sassy and up for any position you want to try.


mattinrenonv reviewed 775-984-5229


Young and petite. Super energetic and dtf.