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latinleo reviewed 7753508607


Had the pleasure of meeting this beauty today. Wow...made me feel like a king!!! Great personality with a hot body. I need to see her again, no doubt. Pictures are her, but looks better in person. I do recommend and will repeat.


portnoire reviewed 7754554629


Had the pleasure of meeting Laityen for the first time. She was affectionate and enthusiastic and easy to converse with. Looking forward to future visits!


Reno=Lame reviewed LEILA 775-302-8829


Stay away from this one! WARNING!!! Saw last week and have gone to the doctor for sores inside my mouth and discharge from my dude. STD!


BigDaddyLove reviewed


Saw Adria last week. Just as beautiful as ever. Eyes you can get lost in. Watch those nails though! Treat her well, she is a sweetheat.


bird dog 69 reviewed 7754615636


Charming, smart, beautiful, sexy, there just are not enough superlative adjectives to describe her. From the moment she opens the door to her very unrushed good bye, she makes you feel special. Mandy provided me with one of the best sessions I've had in years of sessions. I usually don't write reviews for ladies with numerous good reviews. Figure they don't need another good one, but she was really special. Thanks Mandy, for a great time.


Ladysman193 reviewed 7754045201


This girl is a Rob. She is going by a different handle but using the same pictures.


walkme reviewed Amber~ 775-379-2798


I checked Amber out for a while before calling. She answered first time and we met later that day. She was a lot of fun. Very accommodating and open talking. Very nice provider with no drama. Def repeat!


Jaredb54 reviewed 7752710014


One thing I like about her is she doesn't lay there like a rag doll and just make up noises. She gets on top and isn't afraid to sweat and scream
Makes things go by faster but also a lot better


mxk188ab reviewed 7754998211


Asked me to buy her cigarettes and strawberry milk before we met, which meant wasting time and money. Arrived at the hotel lobby and waited for OVER AN HOUR! Finally ended up leaving, but for some reason rescheduled for later that afternoon. Came back in the PM, She asked me to buy the cigarettes and strawberry milk AGAIN....waited AGAIN for over 30 MINUTES. Kassi showed up, looked terrible, but I decided to go for it anyway. Got to her room and she had smoked and filled up the whole room. Hardly any effort to seduce me or turn me on....UGLY and SAGGY all over. WOULD NOT REPEAT


greathornytoads reviewed 7752037020


Again... this is that Rob that called her self Morgan but her first name was shay...shay... 3rd time changing her name I did see this one she is a ROB ... please stay away...oh and tattoos never lie in pictures that is how I know