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Timkellyjr reviewed 5863352201


Just seen prI’m Princess Paris she is very nice well mattered greeting was very warm & absolutely beautiful! I would definitely see Paris again!! Thanks love ❤️


MAXAM reviewed 3l385oo26l


What a doll, <3 her, she is such a sexy sweetheart!!!



ninetythree93 reviewed sammiefunxxx@gmail.com


I've seen Sammie a couple of times. Each time was well worth the time and money. Would repeat, but not sure if she's still active.


johnmessiah reviewed 17347993486


Hello everyone , I am John James Messiah, I'm writing a review on Barbi3doll7 , I call her Barbie girl Mandy. She is a beauty !
Her tattoos augment her beauty for sure.!!! She does have a great ass and breast and a amazing personality.....
Thank you so Much Barbie girl Mandy for making me feel like a man !


woodsman reviewed 313-992-0558


Complete waste of time - Sets up out call / texts constantly - about getting ready / claims to be only 15 minutes away / 2 hours later no show / never delivered just a lot of text messages / move on pass this one / she will waste your whole evening /there are many more ladies out there serious and available


Cougar815 reviewed 2487165897


All I can really say is WOW!!!! She is awesome she has nice boobs, ass and is tight, she takes her time and makes you feel welcome and comfortable, well worth the money and will be going back over and over!!!!


headhunter56 reviewed 313-992-0558


Promises never delivered. Tried to up advertised price for an hour. My bad, I paid up front, then she couldn't check into the motel room (had a "6" in the name) located in Madison Heights. Said she was hunger so I offered to go grab a bite to eat while waiting for room to be available. I had a salad, she had "Surf-n-Turf". I informed her I was running out of time and we needed to get this experience moving along.
I gave her the hour in advance so she could pay for the room, then she had to "go meet someone for coffee" and we would have to "meet up" afterwords.
Long and short of it, she's a loud, foul mouthed hustler with nice tits.
Stay away folks! Promises lots, but doesn't deliver.


Tallthickbeauty55 reviewed 3137782963


Very beautiful and was my money worth


GreboDude reviewed 313-284-2505


Without any preconditions of tough times she would really be the woman of the day. You don't like me to see if you are a good person or a person. Hello I can be nice and clean my car with my mom but she doesn't know what to call my name lol.


xyzxyz reviewed 313-241-3795


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