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Michigan Reviews

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Brezzell reviewed 586-625-2780


I met Rachael a few years ago. She has a great body and a nice firm ass that you just can't help wanting to grab. Great bj. Gorgeous face. Nice and tight. Always a good time. I highly recommend her. Will see her again.


Lexxxypants reviewed 248-979-1974


someone needs to review this lady


carlos2342 reviewed 989-254-8133


Photos are FAKE! Google the photos and you will see that the pictures are fake.


Droganan reviewed 313-208-1488


So many negative reviews and they seem to be extremely generic while bad mouthing the shit out of this provider. Don't believe them. Allow me to speak the truth.

Is she hot? Depends on what you define as hot. Big tits, little waist, big butt? That's a solid no but she is a decent looking chick for her size.

She plays it safe with everything she does. Always has a supply of rubbers but also asks you to bring your own as well. Safety is a priority.

Her service is top notch and she does not rush and makes sure you enjoy yourself.

Overall I give her a 7/10. I enjoy her as a service provider.


LONGSCOTT reviewed 3139606908


This lady was AMAZING and I had a great time. She made me feel comfortable. She smelt great and wore the lingerie I requested. She gave me the best top with a condom. I never thought I'd release twitter a condom on but u did. 10 outta 10. The pics are her and I will return sooner thn later. I WOULD RECOMMEND


Alex5 reviewed 313-208-1488


Very bad hygiene seriously smells bad really if your in a motel there is a shower take one maybe three and is terrible at fetishes very unsafe and is not attractive


HonestReviewer reviewed 3139709732


Lily is by far the BEST massage person I ever met. First off, she is super sweet. She treated me like a king. I almost thought it was too good to be true at first. But she DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Call her! Get an appointment. I promise you, you will NOT regret it.


J123 reviewed 810 210 4854


She's always ready when I need her. She could improve a little on oral but still very satisfied. Has amazing tits too! Overall I love seeing her.


jsteam reviewed 313-208-1488


She is definitely NOT SAFE!!! After reading the reviews, i decided to further investigate. I asked her if she was STD free and she got super defensive. Her response was "if you have to ask you shouldn't be tricking" wtf??? She NEVER answered the question even when i kept pressing the issue. SHE IS DEFINITELY HIDING A NASTY SECRET! DO NOT ENGAGE FELLOW HOBBYIST!!!


mikestrong reviewed 248-835-6275


Amazing woman. She is very sweet and real. He body is amazing and her skills can't compare.