Long Island Reviews

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Juiceman630 reviewed 631-350-5734


Good Girl Really Loves What She Does


Mralpha reviewed 631-213-3995


Total ripoff and dangerous. Stay away.


StormVictim reviewed 631-379-7945


She told me 200 for bare session 30 minutes after 15 kicked me out of room said someone was coming to get her come back in an hour and a half came back she was gone cops there she told me cant see me cant give money back too bad black pimp got on phone and threaten me with violence. Stay away total rip off had terrible track marks and bruises on her arms saw glass crack pipes in her room


BlueEyeCJ3 reviewed 631-408-8332


The best I've ever had! No one compares! Perfect from head to toe and her skills are out of this world! She will rock your world!!!


Frank14 reviewed 347-938-6689


Lisaaa is an oxy junkie who provides services for drugs, she ruined my family, gave my husband the clap at the filthy hotel she works out of, steer clear of this dirty pig!


reddplate4u reviewed 631-657-4252


She is fun little girl decent place and she doesn't Rush you



Happyjoe28 reviewed 929-240-1947


She's real sexy and hot. Has a bitchy attitude but it turns me on. Multiple client.


Eric1 reviewed 860-322-7596


She is way bigger than her pics and shes a drug addict. She does meth and shoots up. Her pimp knocks on door during session and collects the money. So be careful. I went to c her n she had a frie d in the bathroom which made me feel uneasy so i left


Joe123 reviewed 631-240-3807


Her pussy stinks and she gave me a std


Mike1986 reviewed 631-240-3807


Pictures are 100% real gave me a good time and has a cute face and even better personality