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Twin Peaks

Come and explore newly unveiled twin peaks.  Now these twin peaks are still recovering from a recent expedition, but many trails and amenities are accessible.
Although these peaks were formed many a year ago, they profess combined  unmatched firmness and softness and you will notice one summit in particular is ever rigid.

Be sure to bring your pole so you can explore the valley between the peaks and there is no need to worry about hypothermia as these peaks and the nearby soft meadow will keep you plenty warm.

At the end of your journey through the peaks some days you may discover them to be covered with freshly fallen snow.  

Book your exhibition today.

No blocked calls, burner phones, texting apps or explicit language/photos  as those will disturb the natural and peaceful playground.  An admission to the park is required with both half hour or hourly passes available. (Discount passes available for previous recreational area visitors. )

Park hours are 8:30 am till 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.  If you can not make it to the park during those hours, for a slightly higher admission rate, arrangements can be made for the park to be brought to you.

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