Just Starting: How to Have Fun and Get Paid

Is this for me?

Strolling through the hotel lobby in your high heels and favourite little dress. Waiting for a wealthy and interesting man who has been thinking about you all day. You are his fantasy and you're there to make his dreams come true.

Sounds fantastic isn't it? Who wouldn't want to get paid great money to enjoy the attention of successful men. Who wouldn't want to choose their own hours and work only a few days a week. Who wouldn't want to feel adored and pampered. But being an escort is not for everyone. You have to ask yourself a few question.

» Am I in this for just money or the experience?

» How do I feel about being paid to be a companion for other men or women?

» How will my friends and family feel about this job?

You've got the right kind of personality if you're confident in yourself, able to control your emotions, and enjoy the thought of being paid for your services.

Can I do it on my own?

It's hard to let agencies take as much as half your hard earned money when you know you can do it on your own. You can be your own boss as an independent escort. Its just like running any other business. Ask yourself:

» Can I answer phone calls throughout the day?

» Can you keep an organized schedule?

» Do you have a place for incalls?

» Do you have someone to go with you on outcalls?

If your answer is no to the above questions, and you want to stick to what you know, you should consider joining an agency. However, If you are smart, independent, and have good business sense, then we can help you with the rest. MyScarletBook will help you advertise in your local area without an agency. If you have a friend who is also interested you can divide the responsibilities to make it even easier.

Will I get into trouble?

Although escorting has become more and more mainstream, some laws have yet to change. Here are a few simple tips on staying out of legal trouble.

» Never promise sex!

You're providing your time and companionship. Whatever happens during that time is up to you.

» Never proposition!

Let the clients come to you, don't go asking. MyScarletBook is a great way to get that extra attention you want.

» Know your local laws!

Every state is different. As a good practice, it is always better if money does not exchange hands. Instead, have your client leave an envelope with your gift on a table.

If you want a more detailed guide, come and take a look at our legal guide

I'm ready!

So you've made up your mind, but now what? It's time to let people know you're available. The internet is the most popular and successful way to advertise.

Dress up in your best outfits and snap a few high quality pictures. It's almost impossible to take good pictures by yourself, so get a friend to help you out. If you have a perfect body don't be afraid to show it off, but leave something to the imagination. Remember, small pieces of clothing can be useful at covering minor imperfections. For more information, come take a look at our photo guide.

If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on your own website just yet, you can start with escort directories. MyScarleBook is our directory, and we actively promotes our local listings to get you more clients. Come check us out and compare us with other directories.

The very first time

Your first client! We know how exciting and nerve racking it can be, so here we'll give you some ideas of what to do and what to expect.

Whether it's incalls or outcalls, always start fully dressed. Half the fun is the tease, so you don't want to move too fast. Bring out your charm and give your client a warm and polite greeting. Casually tell him "if you have something for me, just leave it on the table please".

After a little chat suggest that he freshen up in the bathroom, which usually means a shower. This is the time to call your friend or count and put away your donation. What you do from here on will be up to your personal preference. Don't be afraid to bring out your own personality and style to make you more memorable for your client.

Try everything once

Being an escort is not a job for everyone, but if you've read this far it means it's something you want to try. Start off with a few clients and see if you enjoy the experience. Some may find it too emotionally demanding. But, most girls come to love the feeling of being adored and desired while getting paid to do it. Just remember to be safe and have fun!

Useful Tips: How to win better clients and earn more

Respectful, interesting, well behaved, and hygienic. These are the kind of clients who you know and trust. They are interested in building a personal connection and they always come back for more. You want these clients and we'll give you a few tips on how to get them.

The most basic and most important screening is to confirm their name, telephone, and address. We will provide you with all this information if they book through MyScarletBook. If they are not who they say they are, this should raise a big red flag.

Next comes the phone call. This is your chance to evaluate your client and set the tone for your appointment. Try to have a smile on while you talk and put your bad thoughts behind you. A good attitude is contagious.

How do they sound? Intelligent and well educated clients will likely offer a better experience and are less aggressive. If you think its appropriate, ask about what they do for a living.

To avoid bad clients ask yourself: Are they rude or pushy? Do they haggle over price? Are they demanding and controlling? It's always good to be careful. While most of your clients will be good, all it takes is one bad clients to potentially ruin your whole escort experience.

At MyScarletBook we are currently building a blacklist to help you avoid bad clients and law enforcement. We want to make your escort experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.
So now you have a good collection of good clients, but how do you turn them into regulars? If you're having trouble with this, you could be making one of many common mistakes all escorts makes.

The main reason clients come back is usually not because you're the hottest or have the most amazing skills. It's because they believe you truly enjoy their personality and companionship. When you are with a client make him feel that you appreciate more than just his money. They are more likely to come back if you can manage to develop a personal connection.

Even if both you and the client enjoyed a wonderful experience, it's going to fade from memory sooner or later. Ask your clients if they wants to be updated on your availability. Once you have a mailing list, send them emails regularly to refresh their memory.

How is your internet presence? Update your ads and photos regularly to keep you at the center of attention. Research yourself and defend against any negative reviews if they surface. Keep your rates reasonable compared to other local escorts. If you keep your internet image clean and up to date, you'll find it much easier to attract repeat clients.
Expensive gifts, luxurious hotels, rich and famous clients, and not to mention thousands of dollars an hour. Everyone wants to be an high end escort, but how do you do it?

Making the leap to a high end escort is not hard, if you can back up everything you say. If you say you are well traveled, your passport better be the envy of all your friends. If you claim to have a degree in art history you better have visited at least your local museum.

The reason is because appointments for high end escorts are usually longer than one hour, and much of that time will be spent in conversation. The more a clients spends, the more intelligent and educated he will expect you to be. Have a working knowledge of a wide variety of topics and keep up to date on current events.

While physical attractiveness and style is highly subjective, sophistication and good manners is not. To impress your well heeled clients, you must present yourself as close to being their equal. Everything else is all smoke and mirrors, and the product of good advertising.

If you are naturally attractive, articulate, educated, well-rounded, and truly enjoy what you do, then can probably move up to a high end escort with a little resume padding. Expand your skills and experiences with some clever wording and combine that with some professional photos and you're well on your way to earning what you deserve.

Photo guide

Part of being an independent escorts means taking your own photos. Your camera doesn't matter, as long as you're not using a cheap webcam. Most cell phone cameras are capable of at lest 8 megapixels, which is more than enough resolution. More resolution means a cleaner picture and easier editing later on. High quality photos present you as a high quality companion.

A clean background and good lighting can really help improve your shots. A cluttered and messy background detract from your allure and mystery. In general, background colours should contract with your outfit. While the right lighting can give your photo an air of romance and glamor, the wrong lighting can ruin it. Experiment with different light settings on your camera to find out what will help you achieve the look you want.

It's hard to know what works and what doesn't, so take lots of picture. Professional photographers take as much as 10 shots a second and choose the best ones, so don't be afraid to fill your memory card. The more pictures you take the better you will get, and the more people will like your photos. If all else fails, hop on Instagram and grab a filter. Most portraits look good with filters like Rise.

Legal Guide

What's legal and what's not?

Short answer is you can offer your time but not sex. The real answer? Nobody knows! Even the government has lost count of how many laws it has. Supreme Court Justice Breyer once said:
"The complexity of modern federal criminal law, codified in several thousand sections of the United States Code and the virtually infinite variety of factual circumstances that might trigger an investigation into a possible violation of the law, make it difficult for anyone to know, in advance, just when a particular set of statements might later appear to be relevant to some such investigation."

How can you keep yourself out of trouble?

Develop safe habits that keep attention away from yourself!

1. Never promise sex - Don't even bring it up unless they do. If you have to talk about it, do it in a way that seems like you're just sharing interests. Ask him what he likes, and tell him if you like it too or not. Any attempt to get a person to pay money for sex or to provide sexual services in return for money is illegal.

2. Never ask for money- The best way to inform your clients of your expectations is to have a website with the number amounts. You can refer your client to your website if they have questions about money. Some escorts may use words like "donations" or "roses" when referring to money on the phone. Does this work? Depends on the circumstance, but don't bet on it. If your conversation was non-sexual and you asked for some roses, it will be very difficult to charge you with anything illegal. Remember, a person can still be charged even if:

The price is not fixed

The acts to be performed were not fixed

The communication does not end in sex (or a "date")

3. Don't touch the money - At least not when he can see you. If possible, you should avoid money changing hands. Have a table near the entrance where clients can place their donations. When they arrive simply ask, "Do you have an envelope for me? Just leave it on the table please." Then you can suggest that they freshen up in the bathroom, which gives you time to either let a friend know your client has arrived or count your donation. You can also ask the client to fan out the money on the table if you've had issues with envelopes.

4. Never proposition - This mean never being the first to bring up your business. Allow the clients to bring up your services and donations. This way you will avoid breaking solicitation laws and avoid many problems from the start. This also means staying off the streets, which puts you in both legal and personal danger.

5. Know the law - Some states have softer laws than others which will give you more personal freedom to conduct your business. Canadian laws are more relaxed and generally focus on proposition not prostitution. It's always a good idea to know what you can and can't do. However, if you follow the above tips you can be sure to stay within the legal bounds.

What about Undercover Police?

The majority of case law states that a police officer does not have to identify themselves when asked. They are also allowed to use sexual touch if it is in fulfilment of their duties. There is no way to know if someone is an undercover police officer. However, if you follow the practices above, they will have a very difficult time charging you with a crime.

What if something goes wrong?

First of all, you may not be under arrest, so ask the office "Am I under arrest or am I free to go?" If they cannot come up with reasonable grounds, you can just leave! If you are under arrest or detained, they must also provide the reason for your arrest. Next, call your lawyer! The police are required to inform you of your right to call a lawyer, and give you the phone number for free legal advice if you don't have one. The police cannot force you to talk before you have a lawyer present. Nothing you say at this point will help you, so don't say anything until your lawyer gets there. Don't be intimidated by the charges they might bring up or the possibility of going to court. 80% of misdemeanor charges get dismissed, and 90% of cases do not go to trial. Just keep calm.

The Gentleman's Guide

The Search

With hundreds of ads every day, how can you find the right person for you? If you're starting out, escort agencies provide a safe and structured environment for your needs. Each girl in an agency can see as many as four or five clients a night. However, if you're willing to take a little more risk, you can find more unique experiences with independent escorts. But of course, you want to minimize your risk by reading the ad closely and looking for reviews. How much effort they put into their ad is a good indicator of how much effort they will put into your session: » Do they have clear and high quality photos at normal angles? They are probably trying to hide something if they have blurry photos at odd angles. » Do they have easy to read text with a little personality? An ad with just the rates and phone number is probably written by someone else. » Do they have a phone number? Escorts do not like to use email for many reasons. If the ad only list a email, it is probably a fake to fish for your email and personal info. At MyScarletBook we give clients the opportunity to review escorts based on looks and experience.

The Call

You may not want to use your phone number, but most escorts will not answer blocked or private numbers for their safety. Try to be polite and respectful, you can save your dirty talk for later. Once the call starts the subtleties come into play. Remember, escorts are legal, prostitutes are not. So avoid asking about anything sexual and exchanging money in the same sentence. Avoid talking about it altogether if possible. If you want to make a request, talk about how much you enjoy something, and ask her is she likes it too. Avoid haggling, but if her rates are unclear you can ask about what she charges for her time. Words like donation, gift, and roses (not actual roses) are especially useful in this conversation. Law enforcement will try to do the opposite. They want to attach specific acts to money and get as much information as possible. If things get too specific or descriptive, you should back out.

The Date

Incalls are preferable for both you and the escort. If you've read this far you're probably the kind of person who is going to dress well and keep clean anyways. But, don't be surprised if she asks you to shower once you get there. Have your donation ready in an envelope and place it on a table when you arrive. Do not mention money at all during your appointment, it should not be an issue at this point. Now that the business part is done, it's time to enjoy yourself. The law has no place to tell what two consenting adults can do with their time. In the unlikely case that the police does gets involved, promptly ask, "am I being detained or arrested?". If not, you have no obligation to stay. There is nothing you can say to help you, so do not say anything. to repeat: you should never say anything to law enforcement, as it will never be used to help you. If you have followed best practices they should have no reasonable grounds to detain you. If everything went well, don't forget to give her a good review! Escorts love repeat customers and often give deals to regulars. It also saves you the trouble and anxiety of finding someone else you can trust with your hobby.